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by Michael Ortiz

JOIN JOURNALISM! It’s literally so fun even if you don’t like writing. Journalism gives you a reason to write about things you like including music, movies, or literally anything else. Also, you can make so many friends in this class. I’ve made about 8 new, awesome friends.

This class also helps you learn how to write better in your other classes. Sounds boring but it’s very necessary and helpful. In addition, it looks very good on your college applications. The class is also not very hard to get a high grade. Expect to write about anything and everything that is currently trendy, topical, or important. You should always be prepared to write about recent events like earthquakes or maybe  even prom. Journalism has been really fun for me. Surprisingly, I was forced into this class and it didn’t sound very fun, BUT I’m so happy that I came in here. My writing has improved in every single class and I’m so grateful for journalism.

by Melaney Garcia

Journalism is all about writing articles and doing research. In the beginning I was really bored about doing articles, then it got better because I actually liked it. My experience in journalism class has been so fun because I actually like to write because i feel like i can express myself through writing. This class is really fun.

In addition I made new friends that are from different grades and I’m grateful or that. I’m really thankful that I got this class because I’ve learned so much about writing. Journalism has made me a better writer in my other classes as well. Journalism is a really fun class that everyone should take.

by Briana Ortiz

Not many schools have Journalism class but Bell High is so lucky to have such a great one. Truth be told, Journalism is actually a really great class. I have learned so many things and found that I have actually gotten closer to some people. Speaking from experience, when I first entered, I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it and although deadlines can cause quite a bit of stress, it’s worth taking. Some of the things I learned were how to properly grab people’s attention as well as properly inform my audience of an event. It’s just a really cool way to learn new things when it comes to writing.

In order to be successful in journalism class, stay focused and on task. Making sure to stay on point is always key to anything you do, it’s of utter most importance to follow this rule. Deadlines must be met as well, time management would be most useful in this case because some articles may require a bit of research. Listen to what’s being asked of you as well because you don’t want to miss out on anything you may need to know before starting your article.

The most important rule to follow though, would be to have fun and enjoy the class. It can be fun and you may feel a certain passion in writing one of your articles. Who knows, join the class and you may just be an amazing journalist some day. Aim high and go beyond the limit, mighty Eagles!

by Saul Estrada

On august 29, 2018 I decided to join the journalism club, it’s been one of my goals to become a journalist. Once I joined I didn’t know what to expect, I thought this class would be boring and lame. I didn’t know many people in the class. The only person I knew was my friend Alexis but he ended up moving. I thought I wouldn’t do good at writing articles. But it all soon changed. Joining the journalism class was and still is one of the best decisions I have made.

I made new friends, made some strong friendships and had a really good teacher to teach us from experience because he was part of his school’s newspaper. I made articles and had them revised helping me understand how to improve, what to add, how to keep the audience entertained and more.

Journalism has helped me understand how to improve my writing. But, it always isn’t about the writing it’s also about the friendships i’ve made. I also got to hear different stories from different people, as well as hearing their struggles and their opinions on certain subjects. You get to hear different peoples opinions on the same subject and that’s the best part. You get to hear a different side of the story, you get to hear different perspectives. For me, this is a huge help for my articles because I get to hear the other side and get to write it down to appeal for the both sides and make a better reasoning whether it is for or against my topic.

My favorite moment in the journalism class were the debates. We had 3 different debates, one was on feminism, evolution v creation,, and abortion. We got to hear different opinions, stories and we got a better understanding of these topics.

Journalism is the best class I have ever joined. I highly recommend for future freshman, sophomores, and juniors to join the journalism club. You get to write articles on about anything, you get to make new friends and express your opinion on a topic you’ve been wanting to write about. You get to even see one of your articles being published on the Bell Chimes where everyone can read it. Continue the legacy and write!. Express yourself in the form of writing.


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