Eh, I’ll do it later..

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Eh, I’ll do it later..


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Every school has a poisonous cloud students intake, causing them to ruin their future. That cloud… is procrastination.

Procrastination is that funny feeling we get whenever we are given something that involves work. Ever just look at that assignment given to you and think: “What the hell is this stupid crap doing here?” Why work on that project, when you can take out that bag of trash that you’ve already taken out for the 6th time? Why work on that essay, when you can save a world in a video game that’s based on real time and is about to end in a few minutes? Why bother working on the homework now, when you can take your dog out for it’s 10th walk in the same hour?

There are many more important things you can do. And anyways, you’ve got all the time in the world! …Wait you’re telling me its due right now? How could I be expected to do all of this so quickly? It’s not my fault that I’ve been busy with other things all this time It’s the teachers’ fault for giving me a month to have this all done!

Procrastination is a fancy word for saying you’re lazy and that you want to leave stuff for later, when it’s gonna be nearly too late to save yourself from your own destruction. It always seems like a blessing to avoid work that will just pile up and cause endless amounts of stress so that you wish you were doing something else besides being alive.

Most seniors with “Senioritis” ( a fancy word for “giving up on all this high school nonsense because none of my grades have any actual impact on my future at this point”) can agree that putting everything important off until the last second, is great.  

Or is it?

The old “I’ll do it later!” method never ceases to fail students. If a student is asked why an assignment was never done, they should just say they were lazy!  After all, an excuse as straightforward as laziness always works better than an actual reason, like not understanding the assignment. Basically, you’re excuses don’t cut it.

If procrastination starts ruining your life, you may need to start making time and planning out your things or simply setting an alarm to tell you when to work.

But who needs to do any of that?  I don’t have time to finish this article! I’ve got a bunch of chores to do. Gotta go now, otherwise I won’t be able to take out that 7th bag of trash, and clean up after my dog for the 16th time!

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