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cLiMatE ChANgE


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~easy things people can do to be more environmentally friendly~

Climate change is a real thing, and it is happening fast.

In a nutshell: The globe is experiencing some really funky weather patterns, oceans are warming up like hot tubs, glacial sheets, arctic ice, and snow cover is melting; sea levels are rising, oceans are being acidified, and extreme events like relentless megafires in California – that ain’t right.

You’re probably thinking: “Yeah, yeah, cLiMatE ChANgE, so what? We’re tired of hearing about it.” Thing is, we never stop hearing about climate change because it is our serious reality.

The damage of climate change may be irreversible within 12 years, according to a recent report by the UN IPCC, so your action is needed more than ever!

Your actions matter! If you think that your individual actions do not, then you will have failed to even try. Tragedy of the commons!


Look at it this way: If everyone thinks that they cannot do anything to help, then nothing will ever change. However, if enough people do something to help climate change, then we can all work to reverse its consequences. Really, it is not hard. Here is how you can help (and why you should)































































  • Most plastic items never fully disappear; they just get smaller and smaller. Many of these tiny plastic particles are swallowed by farm animals or fish who mistake them for food, and thus can find their way onto our dinner plates, yummy.

  • They’ve also been found in a majority of the world’s tap water.

  • Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. Birds mistake plastic for fish. Seals and other marine life get entangled in plastic, often suffocate on plastic.


~Friendly Reminder: Stop being lazy and don’t LITTER!~








I know climate change doesn’t seem like that big of a deal in the midst of your everyday life or that you can make a difference, BUT YOU CAN.

Do your part for yourself, others, and generations to come. Climate Change doesn’t just affect animals or the environment, but us.

This is the biggest problem of our time and it’s up to us to make a difference, because if not for us, no one else will.


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