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AP: Always Pressured


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After waking up at 5:40 am to get ready to be at school by 6:40 am for AP Spanish Literature prep, attending all her classes from 7:30 am to 2:34 pm, Leslie Villar then has to make her way over to AP Environmental Science prep from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

It’s going to be such a long long long day, says Leslie to herself as she wakes up to get ready to head over to school. She  leaves her house around 6:30 am to make it over to AP Spanish Literature prep at 6:40 am. From 6:40 am to 7:25 am, Leslie is expected to prep for her AP exam in May by writing practice essays. She  follows her everyday schedule of doing lessons, packets, and notes for her six periods. At 2:34 pm, she is expected to make her way over to AP Environmental Science prep. After a tiring day of spending somewhere around twelve hours at school, she is expected to get all her homework done for every class and  she still has to  make time for her personal needs: cleaning up and eating in a healthy manner.

“My teachers expect me to get all of my work in class done for their classes and manage to do their homework all the time,” says Leslie. To add onto the heavy expectations from her teachers, she also has to deal with the expectations her parents have for her. “My parents expect that I keep my grades up, get straight A’s, do all my homework, and only to focus on school,” said Leslie. “I spend about three hours in total: one hour for AP Spanish Literature, one hour for Honors United States History, and one for AP Environmental Science.”

“Although we get to choose our classes, sometimes it’s hard because the magnet provides more AP classes than honors classes,” said Karen Alvarez 12M. “They think they are the only class that matters.” Students tend to comment on the amount of work received after a long day at school. Students do believe that it is reasonable most of the time, but that it’s stressful to keep up with sleep. “It is beneficial because it’s enough pressure to push you to do more than what is expected of us to do. But it doesn’t push you to where you don’t want to do anything anymore,” said Andrew Ulloa 11M. The expectations and amount of homework are said to be reasonable to a certain extent, but not to where the load of homework and expectations piles up drastically.

“It’s very stressing to be in AP classes because you’ve been through the day and you have a lot of work to focus on. Then to also keep up with all the work for all the class and not fall behind.” states Leslie.

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45 Responses to “AP: Always Pressured”

  1. Juan Jose Hernandez on June 21st, 2017 4:45 pm

    After reading this article I could now understand how a lot of student are tired of school especially the students that are taking AP and that are in magnet cause there expected to do all of their homeworks and class works and for them there’s no fooling around in class because teachers and their parents want what’s better for them and they have expectations.
    Juan Jose Hernandez
    Track:A Grade:12

  2. Yasmin Lopez (12/29/98) on June 21st, 2017 7:32 pm

    I agree that many teachers just pile us with work like if we only have one class to worry about. I’m not in magnet but I know the feeling. I also had to come early in the morning from 6:40am to about 7:20am for AP Spanish Literature. We would come early in the morning and write essays to prepare for the exam. It was difficult waking up early after going to sleep late because of all the homework we had to finish the night before. We were under so much stress having to come in early and at the same time having to keep our grades up, turning in our homework, and also doing good on all of our tests. I’m not saying homework shouldn’t be given it’s just that maybe we should get less of it. All of our teachers need to be reasonable and understand that we have six classes and not just one. My senior year by far has been the most stressful year. So many things to get done in so little time.

  3. Yasmin Lopez(12/29/98) on June 22nd, 2017 10:54 am

    For hours.
    Track A/ 12th grade

  4. Joanna Gutierrez on June 22nd, 2017 7:18 am

    This article made me realize some people out there do have a similar life I live myself. Although Im not an AP student, I do struggle economically. I do in fact know what it feels like to be pressured every day. We all think that smart kids have it easy for being intelligent. However, no one really thinks about their life at home or the stresses he/she might have. Considering AP classes are more challenging than regular classes, the pressure was there from the start. Teachers teaching AP classes may have to be understanding that it really takes time and dedication to be part of this. Students don’t have an active social life at home due to the amount of homework and stress. They stay up late to try so hard to keep their grades up while their health is going down mentally and physically. Respects to those who work hard, soon it will pay off.

    Joanna Gutierrez/C12
    For Hours

  5. Esau Ordaz on June 22nd, 2017 1:33 pm

    I’m not in any AP classes and I have some trouble. I can only imagine the struggle. Anything for a better future.
    Esau Ordaz
    For Hours

  6. Bianca Solano on June 22nd, 2017 3:47 pm

    As an AP student I understand the struggles of other AP students. The magnet program isn’t easy to be a part of. There’s hours and hours of homework daily. Although, being a part of magnet can be beneficial because it’s in preparation for college life. The stress is overwhelming, not to mention trying to live up to your parents expectation.

  7. Bianca Solano on June 22nd, 2017 3:48 pm

    Track A, Grade 12
    Detention Hours

  8. Anthony Fregoso (12/B) on June 22nd, 2017 8:54 pm

    AP classes can be very stressful at times. The countless amount of homework given can be too overwhelming and most AP students will be up late at night trying to complete it. It’s not easy being in an AP class , you would have good time management and be on task 100% without being easily distracted. As AP tests arrive we are all nervous for what is to come as we try to pass with a score of 3 or better if possible.

  9. Jesus Delgado 12/B Mr. Janssen on June 26th, 2017 6:29 pm

    This my bro right there^ wassup chinoccio <3 lol.. Anyways i'd like to add to this. AP classes are and can become very stressful, the amount of assignments and daily quizzes you may have can make life hard at the very moment and not know whats up with life. Theres many pros and cons to taking these AP classes, for example; (PROS) if you maintain a C or above which is good, can help you out later on in college and will increase your thinking skills above average. The (CONS) may be that by being so focused and dedicated to the school and classes you may miss one of the best experiences in your life (HIGHSCHOOL). So in my opinion, take AP classes, they're great, as my boy said in above^ gotta have good time management. Best of luck for those risk takers.

  10. Carmen Mendoza on June 22nd, 2017 9:30 pm

    After reading this article I understand and can relate to it. I only have one Ap spanish class early in the morning, so I have to be their early in order to be marked present. Being a student like related in the article who has more than one Ap class and wakes up really early to be at school, and in top of that still has to do other work from other classes plus at home. Can lead frustration because of all the pressure on top. But hard work now latter pays off very well. It’s good to take hard challenges because that proves how far your willing to go. Yet the more things you do the better later on in the future. Someone who does good in school is not necessary smart all the time its a matter of pushing yourself to get better each time.

    Grade 12 . Track C detention hours

  11. Zayda Sorto on June 22nd, 2017 9:42 pm

    As an AP student, I can relate to this article, not just in the fact that these courses can be exasperating but that parents expect us to get excellent grades. It can be difficult to juggle the AP courses I take with the other classes I have to keep up with because of homework. By far my junior and senior year were the most challenging ones, specially during second semester, because I had to attend AP prep and focus on studying enough to pass the AP tests and I still had to do all the assignments I was given in my regular classes. Although these classes can be challenging, they prepare us for college and the amount of work that will be given on a daily basis so we get comfortable with time and it becomes a routine.

    Zayda Sorto
    Mr.Janssen (For hours)

  12. Angel Hernandez on June 22nd, 2017 10:57 pm

    I myself am an AP student and can relate. It is definitely a lot of work and the stress that comes along with it. Sometimes I ask myself why I chose to take AP courses but I like to push myself and end up getting through it. Sometimes the work can be overwhelming and never ending but I also think that my teachers now what we can handle .
    Detention Hours
    Angel Hernandez

  13. Nicole J. Flores on June 22nd, 2017 11:04 pm

    I can truly relate to this article because as a magnet and AP student I have been exposed to mass amounts of homework. Besides being given piles and piles of work I also am expected to wake up early and get to school on time plus get home and help out with chores and errands. Having to manage homework, tests, and class work have all been difficult to maintain these four years but I have learned to maintain a high B average for every class. I am thankful to have received this opportunity because now I am prepared for college and future opportunities.
    Nicole J. Flores
    Detention hours

  14. Jeselle Brijlall on June 23rd, 2017 12:10 am

    Im not an AP student, but I am aware of the difficulties of having to do hours worth of homework each day. Unfortunately teachers fail to comprehend that we attend 5 other classes throughout the day and some people might even have more. The average high school student life is very stressful. But the temporary stress is worth going through for a good future.

    Jeselle Brijlall
    Track: A Grade:12
    detention hours

  15. Madeline Flores on June 23rd, 2017 8:21 am

    I took a couple AP classes during my junior year, so I could understand how she feels. It’s so much more work you get than in a regular class you need to sacrifice your time in order to get things done. There was times where I would be so stressed out! But I kept thinking it would be worth it for my education and to get college credits. I highly recommend students to actually take their time and take those classes it’s all worth it at the end. It’s not so easy but it helps you out in the long run!
    Madeline Flores
    Track C
    Grade 12
    Detention hours

  16. Kristen catano on June 23rd, 2017 8:43 am

    As I read this article I can see and understand her struggles. Although I do not take any AP classes, I still have struggled in school tryimg to keep up, so I can only imagine how stressful it is for not only her but all AP students. AP teacher need to realize that a student does not only take their class but also another 5 classes to manage. A student has to keep up with school work and homework and also having time to be healthy and eat and have a decent amount of time to sleep. Also having all that pressure on a student with the parent expecting to pass with all A’s is alot to deal with.
    Name:Kristen catano
    Track: A
    Detention hours

  17. Aldo Magaña on June 23rd, 2017 9:39 am

    I can really relate to what these students have to go through. Myself being an AP student, I have to face with the same struggles other AP students face. There is countless late nights where everyone including myself are finishing assignments and cramming for a test the following the day. All AP classes are rigorous courses that take hard work and dedication. With that being said, everyone took the responsibility of taking these challenges courses that are similar to a college course, that being said everyone signed up for it regardless of all the warnings. In the end once you pass that AP test with a passing score, you will feel accomplished and disregard ever regretting taking that class.
    Aldo Magaña
    Grade: 12 Track: M
    For Detention hours
    Mr. Jansen

  18. Jose Casillas on June 23rd, 2017 9:42 am

    Yes AP classes are a struggle for anyone and at times the teachers are not that helpful because they keep piling on work. They need to know when enough is enough we are not machines many of us have other responsibilities and at times we don’t have enough time. And those who do not want to take AP classes are obligated to take classes which is horrible to have. Not every student has all the time the world.
    Jose Casillas
    Grade: 12 Track: M
    For detention hours
    Mr. Jannsen

  19. Anthony Fregoso on June 23rd, 2017 9:56 am

    Taking an AP classes comes with many struggles. The fact that people who take AP classes get countless amount’s of homework is already a stressful task to complete. Most students will be up at 2 maybe even 3 in the morning trying to complete their assignments to ensure they are up to date with lessons and school work. AP is a good way to get a feeling what college classes will be and it will be helpful so we can be accustomed so it while we are in high school. AP is now joke if you’re not serious about it or have poor time management then AP is not the way for you because these are the 2 main characteristics you will ned to be a successful student taking a AP class.

    Detention Hours

  20. Raul Lopez on June 23rd, 2017 10:01 am

    I understand this article because I was in the same position as other students. I understand why students are fed up with work and falling asleep in class. I see this situation as a positive way. The reason for I see this as a positive view is because this is a taste of the college life. I feel the teachers should understand that a student is overwhelmed due to Ap test. I feel that the teachers should not assign any homework during the week of Ap testing.

  21. Christian Nery on June 23rd, 2017 10:04 am

    This article demonstrates the type of risk people are willing to take, having a huge burden to carry in school taking many A.P classes . Although many students take classes many don’t fall through in through in getting good grades, this article shows how some student have the courage to get through whatever gets in their way. What’s great about this is that it shows that people are ready to attend a university without having to be new to having a lot of assignments to do, since they are already used to it. Stress is only temporary but in the end it will all be worth the hassle.
    Christian Nery(6/29/99)
    For Hours

  22. Cassandra Mendez on June 23rd, 2017 10:14 am

    Being an AP student is suppose to help students in the long run though it definitely takes a toll on students’ life outside of school. As an AP student, I can understand the struggles that Leslie goes through daily and know the countless hours that go into holding the expectations of an AP student.
    Cassandra Mendez
    For Hours

  23. Jerry Monroy on June 23rd, 2017 10:19 am

    5:40 to be at school at 6:40 ? Crazy ! I wouldn’t survive . Probably the reason I’m here commenting . Students complaining about too much work is typical , teachers aren’t gonna hold back work because a couple kids don’t want to do the work. Up to you if you want good grades or want free time , there’s only so far a teacher can push you to do the work .
    Jerry Monroy . Track : B

  24. Debbie Vasquez 12/A June 23, 2017 10:56am on June 23rd, 2017 10:56 am

    I may not be in AP but I understand the struggle they go through. It’s hard to concentrate and it’s hard to do well in school if our brain is constantly having to respond to stress. AP students have so much dedication and I give them props for putting up with so much homework and not being able to have social life because of all their dedication to school. Sometimes kids just need time to them selves and less stress put on their shoulders.

    Debbie Vasquez
    12/A 8/20/99
    Mr. Janssen
    For hours

  25. sheilee Vega 12C Mr.Jansen for hours on June 23rd, 2017 10:56 am

    I understand how exhausting and tired some school can be . But best believe all that hard work will pay off in the long run. For example, doing good in High School and give u a better chance of getting in to any college you want even Ivy Leagues. It will all pay off once u finish school in a good college after you’ll be makinhg money education is the way to go and give you’re very best in school.

  26. Colibri Rodriguez on June 23rd, 2017 10:58 am

    Being in AP classes is time investing but is a privilege not everyone is willing to take AP classes in Bell. I speak for myself I had the chance to take AP classes & have the opportunity to join the Magnet academy but i decided not to because I put in my head that I wasn’t going to be able to take the pressure & all the homework. Many may think that these classes are to much but little do we know that these will help us & lead us to a brighter & better future for nobody but ourselves. Everyone I feel like giving up I say to myself ” It will all be worth it at the end, you might not see it right now but you will when you work in what you love”. If you have the chance or opportunity to take AP classes take advantage of them there’s nothing wrong with trying something new & stepping out of your comfort zone.
    Colibri Rodriguez
    Grade 12 Track B
    Mr. Janssen
    Detention Hours

  27. Yesenia Jimenez on June 23rd, 2017 11:03 am

    Leslie! You’re a hard working girl, good job! I have never had AP classes but I could only imagen how much you struggle to wake up super ealry to get ready and then go to school super early. It takes alot of effort to do that and then going to all your other classes ending school and having so much homework to do to not fall behind I give you props for that Leslie. I know you parents and teachers expect alot from you which is nice. But you have to make some time for you to go out and have fun or a leaste to relax from a while from all that work. All your hard work will pay off.
    Track: 12A
    Mr. Jansen
    clear detention hours l

  28. Enzo Vasquez on June 23rd, 2017 11:19 am

    I never really understood the AP life, its probably because I’ve only taken 1 AP class which was Spanish. I didn’t struggle in the class due to the fact that i was familiar with the language because my parents speak at our house hold. This articke gave me different perspective on AP classes. I know all students who take AP classes can pass them, just never give up. Anything is possible

    Enzo Vasquez
    Detention hours
    Mr. Janssen

  29. Jessica Sanchez 12/A hours on June 23rd, 2017 11:22 am

    Being an AP student may be a really tough task to take on but I am sure it pays off. I myself didn’t take AP and I can’t even begin to imagine if I did. Waking up early to know your going to take a test that will either make you or break you must be nerve breaking. Another reason I admire AP is because they gave up any extracurricular activities in order to keep up with the demanding learning curb. The obstacles will only make them more prepared for college and get a taste of what reality is going to be and that is when all your hard work pays off.

  30. Samantha carlos on June 23rd, 2017 11:24 am

    After this article I give these students props in keeping up with their grades. In my case I wake up at 5 to get ready for school and catch the bus. I know what it feels like to wake up early. Even though I don’t have thos classes these students have I do know it is stressful trying to keep up. Me as a senior trying to graduate last minute I know it was hard and still is hard especially when there is problems involved. But after all these AP will benefit these students and all that hard work will be worth it

  31. Fabian Mendez on June 23rd, 2017 11:25 am

    I personally don’t know what it is like to work so hard almost all day but the Ap kids have apparently a lot more work than average kids. They need to work harder than average and now that i know that i have a lot more respect for them knowing this now.
    -Fabian Mendez
    For hours

  32. Shayna Lopez on June 23rd, 2017 11:28 am

    After reading this article I realized how much work and pressure is really piled onto AP students. They are expected to do all this work and still have a life. Trying to balance both at the same time is hard. Although it may be difficult and stressful in the end hopefully all of their hard work, time, and dedication pays off giving them a bright and succesful future.
    Shayna Lopez (12/A)
    For hours

  33. paola manjarrez on June 23rd, 2017 11:31 am

    I had many friends in AP always seemed to be pressured and rushed, tired. realizing how much pressure they have on them must be exhausting. having to wake up everyday at 5:30 in the morning most students not having a ride in the morning having to wake up extra early and walk in the dark to school. and later on having to stay after school or study late night just to pass through classes. having to stay focused all the time because every distraction would mess up everything. After reading this article and realize how much most of the people I know go through. being pressured 24/7 me not being in honors struggling I can only imagine there feelings. I think all honor teachers should have a conversation on the work and realize having 6 classes is a lot and should try to reason with the students they have a lot on there plate.

    track A 12

  34. Alexandra Cruz 12A Mr. Jansen detention hours on June 23rd, 2017 11:31 am

    In my opinion it must be really hard to keep up with school and taking AP classes at the same time. It can shut your social life down, by so much pressure you have to deal with. At times it may feel like they want to give up but all these students know this will pay off in the end. It may be hard and really stressful but many students push them self through the year. It can help them a lot in the future. Students know that taking AP classes will change you a lot in different perspectives. The pressure on taking AP classes is crazy but at the end knowing you got through it is such a good satisfaction.

  35. Arlene Roman on June 23rd, 2017 11:31 am

    I believe that is is very stressful to keep up with school and homework. Even though I am not in any AP classes or in magnet I understand how difficult it is too keep up with coming to school and also having so much work behind your back and trying to keep it all sorted out while having to come early and studying all night. When I read this article I saw how many other kids also go through the same thing. 12/A

  36. Alma Cardenas on June 23rd, 2017 11:32 am

    I am a senior in the Magnet Program about to graduate. I can agree 100% with what the writer had to say. AP classes are very stressful and require a lot of your time and effort. They are emotionally and physically draining. They would take away all of my energy sometimes to where I came to a point where I felt like giving up. However, I remained determined and motivated to do well in all of my AP classes because in the end, they do pay off. They help you when applying for college because colleges want students who are hardworking and responsible, which is exactly what an AP student is all about. Overall, AP classes have made me who I am today: the hardworking student about to attend college in the coming fall.

    Name: Alma Cardenas
    Grade and track: 12/M
    For hours
    BD: 3/27/1999
    Mr. Jansen

  37. Damien Ulloa on June 23rd, 2017 11:42 am

    I can relate to Leslie very much since I too am an AP student: currently taking five AP courses. The STEM Gifted Magnet program is very challenging and may require you to strive for your full potential, thus the reason why you always feel pressured. It gets even harder when you are trying to go to school, do homework, go to work, and still do personal things like cleaning my room, making myself food, and resting. It begins to seem as if there just isn’t enough time in the day to complete your daily tasks. I think they should offer more honors classes for those that aren’t ready or don’t want to be overwhelmed by so much work. I , for example didn’t want to take AP English Lit but they didnt offer any honor or regular english course. And a student shouldn’t have to struggle through a class If they didn’t want to take the class in the first place .

  38. Rosa Paola Gonzalez on June 23rd, 2017 11:45 am

    After reading this article I now have an idea of how people go through things being in AP classes. Even Though I do not have AP classes I understand how hard it must be to have to wake up early and and deal with all the stress. Teachers sometimes don’t realize that we do get work from other classes and how stressful it is to try to catch up with a lot of work. It is hard to try to come early after nights of studying and trying to pass tests.
    – Rosa P Gonzalez 12/A detention hours

  39. Joscelyn Diaz on June 23rd, 2017 1:24 pm

    Taking AP classes is more difficult than one can imagine. It is not just getting the class and letting it mean you are smart. You have to be on top of things work hard or you’ll drown in the work that an AP class gives you. I agree that some AP teachers pile on the work to students as if it were the only class one was taking. My junior year I was taking 4 AP classes thinking it was not going to be difficult. A few weeks later I was drowning in all the work and stressing out about passing my classes. Mostly trying to prove that you can do it. It is definitely a struggle to take AP classes, however, it is beneficial because it is a preparation for college in the future.

    Joscelyn Diaz
    Grade : 12
    Track: C

  40. Daniela Lopezl on June 23rd, 2017 2:12 pm

    After reading this article I can see that many students here at Bell can be very stressed because of work. I believe people usually stress during the last week or finals week. All these assignments and all the studying. I might just be in regular classes but the do give out lots of work to do. Teachers believe that we can do it or just do it so we can be prepared for college.

  41. Valerie Sanchez on June 26th, 2017 10:51 am

    I think that this school pushes the students to take way to many AP courses in the same semester. I think that they should limit the number of courses to no more than 2. If the class is taken properly and the student puts in the right number of study hours which by college standards is 2-3 hours of study time for every lecture hour, there is no way a student can possible take more than 2 AP classes in addition to their regular classes. There is simply not enough time in the day, what ends up happening is that the students GPA is negatively affected and bringing it down whereas if it were a normal course they the student could have earn a A and maintain a high GPA and have a better chance getting into college.
    Grade : 12 Track: C Detention hours

  42. Frank Serpas on June 26th, 2017 11:27 am

    I agree being an AP student isn’t easy, it comes with its struggles. I could relate to this article and understand it because for my junior year I was taking AP lit and I had to be at school before 6:30am, meaning I had to be awake by 5am everyday for my whole junior year. On top of that, I also had other classes I had to deal with through out the day, making it a daily struggle and not to mention stressful! I was pressured through out my whole junior year but it was worth it, preparing me for college and for the future.
    Frank Serpas,
    Grade: 12 , Track A

  43. EMILIO MERA on June 26th, 2017 12:14 pm

    It will do her good in the long run! Congrats.
    For hours.

  44. Ana Herrera on June 26th, 2017 2:29 pm

    As a Magnet student I understand what many students go through at Bell High. We are expected to go above and beyond the “regular” students by taking more honor classes and AP classes. It is very overwhelming at times, however I do see why our teachers and counselors push us to do so. They are only preparing us for our future and for college. Taking AP classes is a very great opportunity for anybody that is considering on continuing their education after high school.

  45. Susana Hernández on June 26th, 2017 6:13 pm

    After reading this article I understand how many kids are pushed to give there best because others expectations from them are high. They might feel pressured everyday to give there best. And knowing they have to get up really early everyday to make it to school on time might be stressing for them . There’s many who get used to there schedules but then again not many do. I feel sorry for those AP students who don’t because the might find it a hard time to get up on time to every day. But then again there AP for a reason because there good students and responsible to the max. Those students are the ones who deserve it all.

    Susana Hernández
    12 C
    Detention hours

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