Recap of the Teacher Strike

Six days of missed school brought change to LAUSD


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Teachers in the LA area were on from January 14 to January 22  to fight for their rights as well for their students education. Teachers from Bell sacrificed teaching in the classroom to protest for a better salary, smaller class sizes, more teachers, and a full time nurse.

I was just overwhelmed because I wanted to be in the classroom and it was hard coming to work and just staying outside.”

— Mrs. Pena

It was great to see that so much student and community support and parent support for the strike and for the issues that the teachers were clamoring for change for.”

— Mr. Trujillo














Teachers were not alone in the UTLA movement. Students joined in solidarity. During the strike, teachers were not in the classroom so students did not get their regular education but were stuck in auditoriums and cafeterias with limited supervision, working on elementary and middle school level assignments. 

When asked if the work students were doing in school was equivalent to what is being learned with regular teachers, and whether it even worth it to be at school during the strike, Mr. Tejada said, “Although these conditions were present for a week, LAUSD still wanted schools open.”

It ended with students and teachers and parents dancing in front of the school and I wasn’t dancing, but I was watching and just thought, ‘man this is so cool like, when does this ever happen?”

— Ms. Salanoa - Librarian

I felt like it was the first time that everybody was seeing how much it takes to educate our kids, you know, and it’s not just the teachers. Because if it had just been us [the teachers] I don’t think we would have won.”

— Mrs. Pena

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