Rocket Launch

Video shot by Jennifer Bravo

Jared Cruz and Carol Flores

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Mr. Jung’s Period 1 Chemistry class launched bottle rockets by the STEM Magnet office  on March 14th. Some attempts succeeded… others failed.

The STEM class got to go hands on with this widely appreciated project of using two-liter bottle rockets to help the students learn about Boyle’s Gas law and atmospheric pressure. This enabled the teenagers to be introduced to engineering and prompted them to use their minds and hands to get a good grasp on Chemistry.  

Kimberley Cañada and Erik Pastora were one of the first groups to have a successful rocket launch. “It took a lot of practice to get it right,” Erik Pastora said.

They both replied with feelings of relief that their rocket worked on the first try. During the second rocket launch, the class witnessed their rocket successfully launch hundreds of feet in the air for the second time. “Yesterday we thought it was for luck, but now we know it works,” Kimberly said after her second successful launch. Both Kimberly and Erik think that their patience was the key to their success.

“This is an example of a STEM and NGSS project,” Mr. Jung said. He chose to go with two-liter bottle rockets, not only to provide a safe introduction to pressure, but because it incorporated what STEM stands for. “There is quite a huge community that works on bottle rockets, especially colleges,” Mr. Jung said, happy to have his class join in on this dedicated fanbase.

However, not everybody had a successful rocket launch. Jessy Lopez and Uber Arzate’s bottle rocket had passed the first launch but failed in the second launch. “It should’ve worked the second time because it worked the first time,” Jessy said. “The top was tied with extra string and the parachute was all messed up,” Arzate said.

Kimberly Cañada and Erik Pastora were ecstatic when their launched bottle rocket successfully deployed and parachuted safely to the ground.

Jennifer Bravo
Jennifer Bravo
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