The Sport of the Mind

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The Sport of the Mind


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The Academic Decathlon is the only academic-based high school competition that consists of ten different subjects, ranging from math to English, in order to show that you can talk like a boss.

The Academic Decathlon coach Mrs. Wilson compares Academic Decathlon to a sport. “The difference is that we compete in academics than in sports,” she says.  Academic Decathlon trains decathletes to develop better communication and analytical skills rather than physical skills.

This year’s Academic Decathlon team accomplished several victories, placing 4th out of LAUSD’s fifty-five teams, and placing 2nd in their division, earning every Decathlete a medal.

During the state championship, Bell placed 14th overall out of the 64 teams present. Each Decathlete earned two gold medals.

“During our trip to Sacramento we got 14th in State, which I think is a pretty big accomplishment,” Decathlete Kassidy Osoy says.  

Academic Decathlon helped many students discover an area of interest in their studies. “It steered me in the right direction. I was not in a good place academic wise. It helped me get into a good college and made me two or three times more prepared for the future,” Kassidy says.

With the 2018-2019 school year ending, now is a good time for students to enroll in the Academic Decathlon. “With the Academic Decathlon, people believe it is only for straight A students. The team must have students from all GPA levels. Anybody can be a Decathlete!” Mrs. Wilson says.

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