Privacy at Stake

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Privacy at Stake


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Students’ privacy is at risk as restroom stalls in the east quad’s boy’s restroom are not fully closing. With a small push or pull, the restroom stall will completely open. 

“I wouldn’t recommend this restroom because of the lock situation,” an ALPHA student stated, “If someone is using one of the stalls some random kids might not know and accidentally walk in someone doing their business.”

Some students have experienced the scenario of the stall opening while they were using the restroom. Several have witnessed students having to deal with others trying to open the stalls while they are using the restroom. “Once while I was using the restroom some kids were laughing out loud. The next thing I know, the stall opened after a big push since the door didn’t lock,” an MTCA student stated, “I have also seen some students trying to bully others by trying to open occupied stalls.”

“I have also seen some students trying to bully others by trying to open occupied stalls.”

Other ways some students take advantage of the lock problem to bully others is by trying to look through the stalls. “People sometimes peek through the stalls because since the door didn’t lock, people can just look through the crack to disturb others,” a student stated. 

“We need to get it fixed and make sure that there is a restroom door that works,” Assistant Principal Luis Tejada said. Tejada is the assistant principal in charge of the plant. 

“Sometimes it takes a long time to fix since it’s a big district. An appropriate department comes and fixes it,”  Tejada said, “If we go and fix it ourselves, we get in trouble since we didn’t take the correct procedures.”