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Why Do News Sites Hate Millennials?


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You’ve seen it. Well, maybe you haven’t, because according to Newsweek, millennials just aren’t watching the news anymore. Millennials are also awful at communicating, not getting married, not voting, and ruining New Jersey suburbs. At least, that’s what the headlines say.

You’ve probably seen that Twitter post (since you millennials are always on your smartphones). The one that is a response to The Economist’s headline: “Why Aren’t Millennials Buying Diamonds?” The response was good, don’t get me wrong. However, it fails to answer why news sites hate millennials.

Forbes, Fox, The Washington Post- these guys love talking about millennials in their headlines. Why? Why do so many headlines take a stab at the entire generation of 20-something year olds? Why do they love to come to the defense of baby boomers and make millennials out to be children who cannot breathe without posting about it on social media first?

Money. Dinero. The capitalist agenda.

I’d hate to be the one to break it to you, but The Economist made money off of that Twitter post- lots of it.

Clickbait titles are nothing new to the internet. On YouTube, every square inch of the video sharing site is drenched in clickbait titles like “I CALLED DJ KHALED AND HE ANSWERED!!! BLESS UP!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT)” Its clickbait. You know it. I know it. Don’t click on it; your time is worth so much more than 20 minutes of a ridiculously loud white kid who doesn’t know acoustic panels exist.

Nevertheless, these news sites have learned to manipulate clickbait. And oh boy, are they good at it. With a sprinkle of “Why Are Millennials (insert blank)” and a touch of “Millennials Just Aren’t (blank) Anymore” with just a hint of “Two Reasons Why Millennials Are (blank),” these news sites know they are infuriating a generation and confirming the suspicions of another. It generates clicks.

Millennials will click on the article to scoff at it, mock it, call it ridiculous. Baby boomers will click on the article to show their son, provide baseless evidence to the notion that millennials can’t do anything on their own, and share it with good old Debby on Facebook.

The Economist doesn’t care what you thought about the article. Truth be told, the people who are generating stories that shame millennials are probably millennials. These news sites care about money. They care about stocks. They care about how many clicks an article gets, not the content of it.

These articles don’t have a stable, factual basis. Throw a couple of statistics in there, a little bit of passive-aggressive wording, some quote that comes from the mouth of an elderly lady, and Bingo! You got yourself a story to accompany that millennial headline.

To some extent, they are right. 1 in 5 millennials really aren’t moving out. More millennials really are mismanaging their money. There really are less millennials getting married.

However, these are reiterations. There really isn’t any point to these articles. They do not serve to inform, since millennials are already aware of the problems they are inheriting as a generation and know they’re in deep trouble. They do not serve to entertain, since there isn’t anything especially exciting about their syntax or an inclusion of unconventional ideas within these pieces. The only viable point these articles serve is to make money.

Yes, I know this is a big word, but I truly believe this is… unethical. You’re throwing an entire generation- the future of tomorrow- under the bus, making them out to seem unfit to take positions of power. It is morally wrong to make quick judgements about a demographic. It is ageism. Additionally, this generation is concerned with fighting off problems like global warming, the rapid spread of the alt-right political platform, and threats posed against democracy. These are problems other generations nurtured. Now, it is up to millennials to solve them. It is wrong to negate their progress as a generation by branding them as lazy and irresponsible.

O woe, isn’t it sad that our society is basing itself off of news articles that exist solely to make money and not to inform? I don’t think Fox or Forbes or The Huffington Post care. Why should they? Let democracy burn at the hands of millennials, it would surely make a great headline.

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5 Responses to “Why Do News Sites Hate Millennials?”

  1. Ashley Desiderio 12/B on June 20th, 2017 8:25 pm

    In my opinion I understand that us millennials aren’t putting in as much effort to get our voices out. I feel that some of us might use the internet for ridiculous content and at moment might not be thinking straight, or perhaps we are killing some time on the internet. But whether you might believe it or not we are involved in so many things, as the article states we are worried on what will happen next in our world that we are currently living in. We might seem un-prepared to face the real world but that is false the people shouldn’t judge the others just because of one person that posted something absurd onto the internet. Every millennial is different in their own ways and shouldn’t be put under the category of “Millennials are not ready” indeed we are more prepared than you think. There are tons of us that are working hard every day , day and night to see our family pick up themselves from where they are. We are becoming role models to different people everyday, I myself am a role model to my sister she looks up to me and I am proud to give her a reason to. Everyone is unique in their way. Ashley Desiderio 12/B D.OB. : 08051999

  2. Amy Cervantes on June 22nd, 2017 2:27 pm

    I agree! I think millennials have already done great work in social activist circles and movements. While I do agree that every millennial is different, I think this entire generation has great potential that is being repressed by news sites proclaiming that they are nothing more than a lazy bunch.

  3. bianca solano on June 23rd, 2017 9:07 am

    All this country thinks about if how to pocket the money of citizens. These companies are taking a stab at millennia’s because they aren’t as invests in giving their money away. Millennial’s are more prepared, and with recent events and the election of the orange man, millennial’s are coming together and making their voices heard.

    bianca solano (12/M)
    detention hours

  4. Jerry monroy on June 23rd, 2017 11:30 am

    This is true, most millennial don’t do everything the article says they don’t. But articles don’t care if they offend a whole generation, they really do it for money. Times have changed since the last generation and people just have to deal with it.

    Jerry Monroy
    Grade 12
    Track B
    For hours

  5. Jerry Monroy on June 23rd, 2017 11:34 am

    This article seems like it is trying to represent for millennials because them being called lazy and irresponsible but really when other technology before smart phones , people would be astonished by the new technology such as pagers , TV , printers , etc. People tend to like the new and more into fashion materials , just because everyone prefers catching moments on the snap or on Instagram doesn’t make them any lazier or anything than someone who doesn’t . I’ve seen kids and grandparents snapping photos at good moments nothing discriminate on.
    Jerry Monroy
    Track: B
    For hours

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