I Don’t Want to Go to School and Never Come Back

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I Don’t Want to Go to School and Never Come Back


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Gun violence at schools in the U.S has become a normal, and murdering children has become a normality.

Recently, a tragic incident almost occurred near our community. A student at Bell Gardens high school threatened to shoot up the school. According to Mr. Casañas, Dean, the student’s exact threat was, “I’m going to pay back all the pain this school’s given me.”  The murders were supposed to occur in the week of March 18, 2019. Had this happened at Bell, that morning could have been the last time you saw your parents, annoyed your sibling, fed your pet, and taken your last breath. Fortunately, we’re all still breathing and we got to do all those things again.

Kids shouldn’t have to go to school with the threat of a school shooting hanging above their heads. America shouldn’t be iconic for the amount of gun violence there is, especially the gun violence that happens in schools.

The country has been split up into a multitude of opinions, but the main one seems to be whether or not assault rifles should be banned all together. The ones who are for guns argue that its unconstitutional to take away their right to bear arms, which is in fact true; the constitution states that citizens should have the right to bear arms. Without the constitution we would have no government, but should we listen to something that was written over a century ago? During those times the technology to commit a mass murder did not exist. Should we fully stand by that when it took 6 minutes to kill 17 children in the Parkland shooting.

Children are being murdered because of the lack of control there is over who is allowed to own a gun. Guns were not made to save lives, they were made to end them. Banning guns altogether would be great because it would decrease the chances of gun violence tremendously, but there’s a lot of factors to take into consideration. One being that there’s a large number  of people who have guns and treat them as a necessity. To them it would be like taking away their phone; forever.

A nationwide gun ban would not eliminate gun violence but enforcing stricter gun laws can help prevent it and create a safer environment for everyone. Most shooters who are responsible for a mass shooting are mentally ill so one smart move would be to require those who want to own a gun to take a psychiatric test to see whether or not they’re mentally healthy enough to own a weapon and use it responsibly. Not only should the potential owner take a psychiatric test but those who live with them.  A lot of school shooters use their parent’s guns. There are states where you can buy guns at Walmart, which is terrifying if you’re a high school student. But in our very own Bell, we have a local gun shop located in the Bell swap meet.  

In 2018, more people died as a result of a school shooting than in the army.”

According to The Washington Post in 2018, more people died as a result of a school shootings than in the army.  Most shootings took place in high schools. The nationwide gun debate shouldn’t be about guns being a constitutional right, it should be focused on the fact that innocent children and people in general are being murdered.

Though some may argue that only police should be allowed to own guns, the idea of someone with that much power and a gun in hand is scary as hell. Everyone has heard of at least one police officer who’s killed an innocent person and gotten off easily. If police have guns, so should everyone else.  But everyone should go through rigorous testing and extreme safety measures to own the power to kill.  Guns are no toy, and the lives of people are nothing to be played with. 

Kids need to stop being murdered.  No one should ever have to live with the fear that today could be their last day. A school should not be thought of as a war zone.

No child should go to school and never come back.

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