Summer Bummer


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Beach, please!

Summer is great, but you know what’s not? People who litter on beaches.

Unfortunately, there are many uncultured swines who think they can just litter and that there won’t be any negative effect on the earth. But they’re wrong.

When people don’t properly dispose of their trash and leave it scattered on the beach instead, they are risking the health of land and marine life and harming people’s health by adding to ocean pollution.

Bell High school should create a program in which students volunteer for beach clean ups  and receive extra credit depending on how much trash they pick up. Each bag of trash could be worth 10 points of extra credit.

Robert Wolfe
Workers cleaning up beach during Deepwater Horizon event.


Debris like food containers, straws, cigarette butts, beach toys, plastic water bottles, food wrappers, plastic six pack rings, plastic bags, and even rubber sandals can be found on the beach and in the ocean. Most of these items get washed off into the ocean and eventually grow into large masses of garbage floating around at sea.

This is a major problem because it affects wildlife and humans. There have been many cases where ocean life have been injured by or have eaten plastic. For example, a whale was found washed up dead in Indonesia with 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, 1,000 pieces of string inside of a bag, plastic bottles, and two flip flops inside of its stomach. Some animals mistake trash for food, swim into and get caught in old fishing net, or even worse get wrapped and entangled in plastic waste.

It’s devastating and outrageous how we create dangerous living circumstances for animals because we’re too lazy to just recycle our plastic and throw away our trash. We have to change or vital ecosystems like coral reefs will die off and affect the whole food chain.

Without coral reefs we wouldn’t have a natural erosion defense, we wouldn’t have one third of the world’s oxygen, and many marine organisms wouldn’t have shelter. They help protect coastlines, absorb some of the damage that is caused by storms and hurricanes, and erosion. Coral reefs help remove and recycle carbon dioxide from the air and ocean. Without coral reefs many of the oceans marine life wouldn’t have shelter or a food source. This would affect fish populations and a big source of what many people around the world rely on as a main source of food.

To make a difference make sure the next time you go to the beach, bring reusable containers and try to avoid using straws and other plastic waste. If you do make sure that you pick up after yourself and if you see any trash near you, be considerate and pick it up and throw it away. It doesn’t sound like much but picking up your trash means less pieces of trash that will end up in the ocean or an animal.


It can be very dangerous if the fish or marine life that people eat, absorb or consume pollution like plastic, oil, or even abandoned drugs. It sound crazy but it’s true scientists in the U.K. found small amounts of cocaine in freshwater shrimp. THEY FOUND COCAINE IN SHRIMP! We are turning shrimp into crackheads because of pollution. It is absurd that cocaine shrimp exists because of pollution. Not only is this absurd but it can be a health risk to the person that is unwillingly eating polluted shrimp.

It is important to educate yourself and see what you can do to get involved with ocean and beach cleanups. It is our future so why wouldn’t you help keep oceans clean? The ocean isn’t going to clean itself, we created this problem and now we have to fix it to save the animals and the earth.

Sources and more information

Sources and more information

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