Volleyball Girls Season Recap

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Volleyball Girls Season Recap


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    The girls volleyball team has officially ended their season and, looking back, it was great for all.  The Varsity team was undefeated throughout league and made it to the third round in CIF. On multiple occasions the girls demonstrated great sportsmanship and perseverance by not letting their defeats hold them back and focusing on correcting

their flaws.

      A lack of “communication and team chemistry” was an obstacle that the girls were able to control towards the end of the season, according to freshman Izabelle Curiel.

     “Communication is crucial, whether it is to tell the other players where the bell is going or if you are going to get the hit,” J.V. player Melissa Garcia said. Sometimes J.V. and Froshoff paired up because the other teams didn’t have a group of freshman for them to play against. If the other team did have freshman, our Froshoff and theirs had a separate play. After season, J.V. and Froshoff, together, scored 10 wins and 2 losses.

     The Varsity girls victorious winning streak came to an end in November when they lost the third round of CIF.  “We had put lots of bonding and effort into the team and it was really disappointing when we lost,” said Emily Hernandez, a varsity player. “It sucked really bad,” saidsenior player, Natalie Meza, “It was all the little mistakes that caused this major disappointment. We were really hopeful for a different outcome.” The girls lost to San Pedro with 2-3.

     But now season is over, the J.V. and Froshoff girls have been conditioning and working out almost everyday, making sure to stay fit and blend more together as a team, building on trust and hardwork.

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