Tennis Triumphs

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Tennis Triumphs


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Bell High School boys tennis team fought to be champions in Division 1 this year, concluding their season with an impressive 18 game winning streak.

“This is our first year that we’ve had a winning streak this late into the season. I’m proud to say that we’re league champions,” Varsity senior Daniel Ulloa said.

Even without an actual coach, the team has managed to do exceptional. “Right now, we don’t really have a coach. We have managed to have a streak by trying our best and doing what we have been taught,’’ says Jimmy Bernal, a Varsity senior.  

Coach Sune has been guiding the team due them not having a regular coach. “[Sune] presses all my buttons. He brought the salt and pepper. I’d say proving people wrong is my motivation to try so hard when playing these games,” Victor Cruz said.

Going to playoffs can be very nerve racking. However, this was not the case for the tennis team. “I feel pretty confident about entering playoffs. I think we can get really far. Hopefully the team meets up to their expectations,” Emmanuel Perez said.


“I’m pretty excited we’re able to win. I’m very proud of the team,” Kevin Plascencia said.

On Wednesday April 24th, they played their first playoff game against Marshall High School. They won with a score of 20-9. The players seemed very confident while playing against their opponents. 

However, the team lost their 3rd playoff game against Cleveland High School on May 1st with a score of 11-18, ending their season.

“It was a tough loss. It’s sad that it ended after going so far into season,” Jimmy Bernal said

Currently, underclassmen are conditioning and practicing for next season. 


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