Why is Fortnite so Popular?

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Why is Fortnite so Popular?


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A meteor strikes an island and creates a massive crater. A rocket creates a crack in the sky shifting time itself. If your afraid of these things, your most likely a Fortnite player. People love games with lots of shooting and action which is part of why Fortnite is a very popular game. It just came out in 2017 but already has over 40 million users playing the game according to Epic Games, a video game and software development company.

This is mainly because all of its cool features like unique characters, dance moves, and an overall competitive gameplay. For example, dance moves like the Floss and the Worm brought popularity to the game after they became viral on the internet, with millions of people trying to replicate the games original dance moves.

There are also crazy one time events when the game completely changes. Like the meteor that struck the island or the rocket that created a crack in the sky that shifted time itself. This is because the creators make unexpected events in order to keep players interested in the game.

Epic continues adding features to the video game to attract more players and make more money by creating a never ending string of new characters. It doesn’t sound that expensive to buy these new characters, but with a practically worthless currency, buying a new character can be hard. The game currency is known as vbucks. While having 1000 vbucks may sound like a lot, it can barely even buy one of the items like skins and dance moves in the game shop, which tends to cost over 2000 vbucks. These high prices make people want to spend a lot of money on the game in order to keep up. Which gets people want to use their own money to buy currency from the Playstation. There is also the option of save the world, but it’s complicated.

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Well known Youtubers playing the game has also added to Fortnite’s popularity. One of these Youtubers who gained a lot of attention is Ninja. He is insanely skilled at the game and has even broke many world records and also happens to have over 20 million subscribers all of which helps to add to his popularity and in effect, Fortnite’s too. He also spends thousands of dollars on the game to buy all of the characters and items that pop up in the item shop which can’t hurt his popularity either.

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