Blackpink is Taking Over

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Kevin Bojorquez Ruela, Feature Staff Writer

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Seeing vibrant colors and girls dancing over a military beat may tell you that you’re experiencing Korean Pop, also known as K-Pop. BlackPink is one of the most popular K-Pop groups on the scene. All four members of the group are distinct in their unique fashion styles, how they sing, and what they contribute to each song. Each member has their own role as a rapper, dancer, and/or singer.

The band is known for breakout songs like “Kill This Love” which reached over 56.7 million views on YouTube in the first day of its release on April 4th, 2019. Black Pink’s songs resonate with so many people because they have a lot meaning, often being sad or serious. For example, lyrics like “I just want you to stay” deal with sadness while lyrics like, “We must kill this love, yeah it’s sad but true, gotta this love, before it kills you too,” shows the group’s serious side. It also doesn’t hurt that they are catchy, matched with high-energy and contagious choreography.

Their unique choreography accompany their already charming and highly likeable personalities. Some members, like Jisoo and Rose, are known for being sweet and bubbly. Others, like Jennie and Lisa, are known for being more edgy. Moreover, each member is also captivatingly attractive, which helps boost their following.

BlackPink’s large fanbase and record hits show that K-Pop is becoming more mainstream, thanks to original, innovative groups like BlackPink.

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