Theater Happenings

THE GREAT AMERICAN TALENT SHOW will open March 27th of 2020. The theater department has begun production on their first play of the year. The show is influenced by America’s Got

Destiny Villareal and Emily Herrera

Talent, The Voice, and American Idol. It is described as “A talent show within a play full of plots and twists…”.

“I’m really excited for this show because it’s so different from our previous shows” said Senior Mariana Solis.

Destiny Villareal and Emily Herrera

Since her sophomore year Mariana has staged managed 5 plays. 

“It’s a lot of pressure…Working on this production is a lot more intense because of the different acts that will be happening during the show.’’

For the first time the play will have dancers in addition to actors. Despite their being only 12 actors the preparation for the play has been coming along smoothly due to their long rehearsal time.