The Pandemic of Racial Injustice

We do not usually publish poetry on The Bell Chimes, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Here is a timely and reflective poem by Danielle Viallrreal.

The Pandemic of Racial Injustice

I’m stuck at home, left alone with my thoughts.

I try to untangle these complex webs of feelings,

But for too long they have been stuck in knots

That prevent me from comprehending their meanings.


I have so much to say, yet I have difficulty putting into words,

The anger, heartbreak, and frustration 

That I am feeling, which can no longer go unheard

As millions struggle to achieve liberation. 


I cannot stay quiet when children are put in cages, 

When innocent black lives are taken by inhumane acts of police brutality,

When the pandemic of racism has been around for ages 

And seems to be this country’s tragic normality.


I cannot stay quiet when wearing a hijab makes one a terrorist,

When Asians are labeled as a virus, 

When there is a flood of white supremacists,

Drowning minorities in discrimination; a nationwide crisis. 


Why is it so difficult to make MLK’s dream a reality? 

Why is it so difficult to ring the bells of unity? 

Is there not a vaccine of morality

That can rid the world of cruelty? 


The star spangled banner symbolizes the “land of the free”,

Yet exclusions apply, 

The red and blue lights are “to protect and to serve”

Yet exclusions apply. 


We must shout and raise our fists in solidarity,

We must assemble to march alongside one another,

And fight back against the wicked Disparity, 

For He keeps people from seeing we are all sisters and brothers.


We will not stop until our voices our heard,

Until the oppressors are held accountable and 

Until justice is served.