Miss Culpepper’s Plan for the Library

A Comicon for Students

Miss Culpeppers Plan for the Library

Adamari Gaspar, Feature Staff Writer

Ms. Culpepper, formerly a teacher at Bell High, recently moved to her position as a librarian in the school’s library and has major ideas for the library.

As a librarian, she finds digital publications and asks for grants for the school. With a recent grant, she plans on buying graphic novels for students and hopefully plans on hosting a Comic Con.

The comic con would be a competition where students would choose existing comics and write their own, kind of like a sequel. The top three winners would get their three comic books published. If the grant she asked for gets accepted, the event may occur in the 2022 Fall Semester.

Her idea for the event was to bring more people into the library with something many students enjoy. She noticed that all kinds of students would check out graphic novels so she decided to expand collections that students love. 

“I’m just trying to build a culture within the library,” Ms. Culpepper   explained. 

Another plan for bringing more people into the library was to make a media room for gaming and other activities that students can engage with. According to Ms. Culpepper, the purple door on the right side of the library was once a room that belonged to the library. Ms. Culpepper hopes to turn that room into a media room. It is currently being occupied by a class so it may be difficult for the project to move forward. 

“I want to include everyone,” Ms. Culpepper said.