Bridgerton’s Scandalous New Season

Jasmin Guatemala, Feature Staff Writer

Based on Julia Quinn’s series of romantic novels, the anthology show follows the different love lives of each Bridgerton sibling. With the release of the first book in 2005, the series has come a long way with a T.V adaption in December 25, 2020. The show became Netflix’s #2 most watched T.V shows with 625 million views because of its burning romance and diversity. 

Last season, the show focused on the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor)  and the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett (played by Rege-Jean Page). Viewers got to see Daphne and the Duke fake their love for each other, then actually see them fall in love by the end of the show. 

While Daphne and the Duke continued their ruse, the eldest Bridgerton brother, Anthony Bridgerton (played by Jonathan Bailey), became very protective of his younger sister. Throughout the show we see Anthony have a secret relationship with an opera singer named Siena. After ending things with Siena, Anthony tells Daphne that he has no plans other than, “finding and declaring my intentions to the new viscountess.” 

Now that Daphne is married and with child, season two will focus on Anthony’s story and follow the events from the second book in the Bridgerton series, The Viscount Who Loved Me

This season will feature most of the original cast and some new faces including the Sharma sisters, Kate and Edwina Sharma, who had just arrived from India. 

Kate (played by Simone Ashley) will play a big role as Anthony’s main love interest. In order to get to Edwina, suitors must get through the headstrong Kate first. 

Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran) is the youngest Sharma sister and is new to the marriage market. Although she may seem naive, Edwina knows exactly what she wants when it comes to love, a true love match.

Anthony Bridgerton’s views are different from Edwina’s. He doesn’t wish to marry for love. 

Anthony notices that Edwina is suitable enough to be his wife, so he decides to “court” (practically date) her. Once Kate notices the true intentions behind Anthony’s interest in her sister, she does everything in her power to stop the match. “But in doing so, Kate and Anthony’s verbal sparring matches only bring them closer together, complicating matters on both sides.” read the season’s synopsis. 

Unlike last season where the show involved the “fake dating” trope, this season will have both “enemies to lovers” and a “love triangle” trope, in one. I personally can’t wait for the burning tension for this season. Based on the trailer itself, the actors for Anthony and Kate already have so much chemistry. 

Along with Anthony’s love life, viewers will see more of Lady Whistledown, the town’s gossip writer. Throughout the show, Lady Whistledown’s identity is kept a secret until the end of the season, where it is revealed that it is Penelope Featherington. 

With the new season, we will see more of Penelope as Lady Whistledown, and also be able to see how she manages to hide her identitiy and balance her real life with her secret life. 

Tune in until Friday, Mar 25, 2022to stream the eight episode premiere, only on Netflix.