Should Teachers Use Manga?

Should Teachers Use Manga?

Jorge Solis, Feature Staff Writer

English is a skill that improves by reading. Most teachers assign students to read in order to improve their language skills. But some students don’t like their choice of books. Manga is a very popular reading choice right now, so why don’t teachers assign manga?

Manga is a form of Japanese literature. People like reading manga because it’s ahead of an anime series they are watching, or maybe because they enjoy good quality images. Is it a good idea for students to read Manga in school?

“Yes, absolutely, I’m not saying replace the textbooks, but I would say yes,” said English teacher Mr. Roland Spies. 

“I’m not too familiar with manga, but I do see kids reading manga,” said English teacher Ms. Paschalidis. 

These two English teachers see that manga is a very popular genre among students.

“When a student engages, they put in more research and learn more about the book,” says Ms. Paschalidis. Reading manga catches students’ attention. But some teachers see a problem with reading manga as an assignment.  What could manga be lacking?

“Proper sentence structure, because manga is more conversational,” Ms. Paschalidis said. 

Other teachers agree. “It can’t teach basic English skills,” one Bell High English teacher said. 

In manga, there are many books about different subjects. For example Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about a kid who wants to become stronger than his father. He is a regular kid except that his dad (Naruto) is Hokage, a title given to the strongest Shinobi of the village and is the leader of the village.  Boruto kills a “God” and gets abilities to get stronger but sometimes loses control over his own body. 

Some students would find Boruto: Naruto Next Generations interesting because of the plot and the fight scenes that come with it. There is a lot of betrayal in this manga as well. Seeing the journey Boruto goes on to  become stronger and solve his problems is what catches most readers’ attention. 

Mangas like Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can help students’ English reading skills improve because it will catch their attention and make them want to read more.