Top Movie Genres

Students at Bell High School have diverse tastes in their favorite movies and genres, whether it’s a romance where they dream of having a high school sweetheart to a thriller where you don’t know what to expect in the next scene. Here are some of the top picks for some of our student’s favorites.

Top Movie Genres

 “It shows a true love story that not only lasted through their teenage years but their adult years too. It’s not like a typical happily ever after.” – Senior Luna Arriaza


“Very unexpected turns into this movie.” One of the best Thriller movies I’ve watched. It’s different from other movies;,” it really makes you wait for more. It leaves you amazed every time.” – Junior Brianna Gutierrez





“Very good movie. My favorite horror movie of all time. It has very good acting and plot twists. I think that’s what I’m more of afan of because the twist come unexpectedly.” – Junior Nefferti Gutierrez




“ I really enjoy this movie because I connect with the main character and I really enjoyed watching it. It kind of helped me understand myself a little bit more as well” – A Junior in MTCA 







“I watch this movie all the time.  It’s so funny and nostalgic for me.  I really enjoy watching it with my friends just to have a good time.  and a good laugh” – Junior Valerie Villareal