Upcoming Shows of 2023

Here are some upcoming shows of 2023 that Bell High students might enjoy from different genres such as Drama, True Crime and  Action.

Upcoming Shows of 2023

Natalia Cruz Guzman, Feature Staff Writer


Love & Death 


This show stars Elizabeth Olsen as Candy Montgomery, an American accused of murdering her lover’s wife, Betty Gore. The killing took place in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980. During the assault, Gore was struck 41 times with a wood splitting axe, according to scarsource on Instagram.

People who enjoy true crime stories and shows would enjoy this show.





Euphoria season 3


Euphoria follows the troubled life of a group of high school students. Each teenager faces their own problems and and works on fixing their reputation. This show continues the series with a 3rd season coming up this end year, which has many people excited and thrilled to see what’s coming next.

People who enjoy action and drama in high school would enjoy this show.


The Last Of us 

HBO Max 

The Last of Us  was originally a video game and they decided to bring it to life. Joel and Ellie are a pair connected through the harshness of the world they live in. They are forced to fight infected creatures and make their way out safely.

People that enjoy video games and movies involving zombies would enjoy this show



Secret Invasion

Disney +

Secret Invasion stars Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.  In the show he learns about some type of secret invasion which caches his attention. He calls up his allies to help humanity and save them from the skrull invasion.

People who enjoy or follow Marvel movies would enjoy this show