TAC Works with Miry’s List Foundation to Aid Refugees

Founder Miry Whitehill visited Bell High to explain how Amazon Wishlists can help


Bell High School’s Take Action Campaign (TAC) will be working with the Miry’s List foundation to help obtain resources for refugee families in the United States. 

On October 14 the founder of Miry’s List, Miry Whitehill, came to Bell High School to give a presentation about the organization’s use of an Amazon Wishlist, where people can select and purchase items to give to a refugee family. 

The items on the wishlist range “from diapers to beds to cleaning supplies and toiletries,” according to the Miry’s List website. 

“Regardless of country of origin, Miry’s List serves families who come through the federal refugee resettlement system,” Executive Assistant Ryann Werner said. “We serve families nationally, though the majority of our families are in SoCal.” 

The presentation also included some stories about the refugee families that the organization has supported and the problems they encountered while living in their home country. 

“They all had really tragic stories and I feel bad for these families that had to deal with so many hardships in their lives,” Marvin Sandoval, a senior in TAC, said. 

Because TAC is not allowed to ask students for direct money donations, their primary goal is to promote the website with the hopes of encouraging students to make contributions that would help families settle down in their new homes.

“Kids have a better impact,”  Kimberly Mayorga, the TAC Coordinator said. “We want to help them get back on their feet.”