The New Xanax?

Bell students trading e-cigs during school days

Are electric-cigs the new Xanax? 

A witness viewed students exchanging electronic cigarettes in and around Bell High school on multiple occasions this month. 

 “Honestly it’s a bit surprising. I didn’t know that was actually going on around here. It just goes to show how far students can stoop so low to do these kinds of things. ”senior Asael Vazquez said.

“Seriously? The adults here should do something about it or it can get a whole lot worse.” said senior Andy Castillo.

Electric cigarettes contain nicotine like regular cigarettes which can cause seizures and even death with high doses according to the FDA. Low doses would include vomiting, eye irritation, and high blood pressure. 

Mr. Casanas, the dean, was well aware of the situation at the school and stated that recently this month he gave a tip line announcement on how it’ll be required to have the tipline posted in every class. He added that he highly recommends any student to report any suspicious activity whether it’d be within the school or around campus, or if any student is using electronic cigarettes. 

“You guys are the ones who know,” he said.

Health issues won’t be the only problem he further added. Minors can’t use electronic cigarettes.

If any student where to get caught with electronic cigarettes or anything that they shouldn’t bring to school, it’ll be on their record and they’ll get in trouble with the law since students are considered minors. 

“So if you see anything, text the tipline,” he said.

If any students are interested in support to either reduce vaping here on campus or simply pledge to not vape at all, there is a club right there in the school for that.

Sergio Romero

Be Smart, Don’t Start

Gyselle Aguilar

A new club at Bell High School opened up, known as  Advocates For Healthy Choices. AFHC promotes facts and a better understanding of the dangers of e-cigarettes. All throughout LAUSD, ADHC helps teach their peers on the harmful effects of e-cigarettes. The club will exercise their knowledge on e-cigarettes on February, where members will present to students at Pomona college.