Diversity Week

Bell High students want everyone to feel included


Bell High School’s Take Action Campaign (TAC) will be hosting Diversity Week from February 24th to February 28th in efforts to bring recognition to the diverse community in our school.

Diversity week is an annual event done by the Take Action Campaign which helps educate the students of Bell. This year, the after school club had each of its members choose what event they wanted to be in charge of.  Seniors Alma Gonzales and Chris Alfaro stepped up to the challenge.

“I want to educate my classmates about the people in our community,” said Chris. “ I think it’s important that we all understand each other.” 

“A lot of kids think that the school is only Mexican kids and Arab kids but little do they know that there are a lot of other nationalities here in Bell,” Alma said. “Our goal is to make everyone feel included.’’  

The week long event will include a day dedicated to the different cultures in Bell. Students will be able to get on stage and try different food and traditional clothing to get a better understanding of the cultures. 

“I think having a diversity week is important,” Alma said. “Not only do the students feel included but they also develop better social skills because they are used to speaking with people who are different from them. In the long run, they benefit from this experience.”