Rats Devour Freshmen Project


Rats damaged towers that were part of the Bell magnet freshmen project. 

“They came from an opening that is somewhere I don’t know,” science teacher Mr. Martinez said, “The little critters started to nibble on one side of the tower which caused them to collapse. Did that to four different towers.” 

All of this happened because the earthquake simulator machine malfunctioned after testing only four towers. 

Mr. Martinez said he was “very disappointed” because the tower testing had to stop. “A lot of money was spent on it and it was barely the third time it was used. We are in the process of getting it fixed and ordered a new one,” he added.

The towers were later taken to room 327 for storage. Over the weekend, rats somehow broke into the classroom and started to eat the bottom part of some towers. 

“It is funny when you realize that the teachers didn’t realize what could have happened,” student Alondra Garay said. “Funny to know how some critters came out of nowhere and ate the towers.”

“Students worked so hard on their towers only to be destroyed by some critters in the room,” Mr. Martinez said.

“I’m gone one day and when I come back, I see all this mess,” English teacher Mrs. Vargas-Howard said. 

In regards to the freshmen project which is temporarily suspended, Mr. Martinez said, “We 9th grade teachers have to decide how to continue.”