The Pandemic – Student Views

The streets that once were seen with people are now dreadfully empty. Malls, schools, restaurants, and many other public places began to close one by one as the days went by. The infamous COVID-19 virus has brought fear and anxiety among people which is making them show their true colors, especially when it comes to limited supplies. 


Life in my community has been pretty harsh lately. It is becoming a bit difficult to find basic necessities such as water bottles, toilet paper, and at times certain food due to the hoarding of supplies people have been doing in local stores. I have seen people becoming more and more restless as days go on with the increasing coverage of the coronavirus across all media platforms, but this is mainly seen in grocery stores or wherever people go to purchase any supplies they may need. There are rarely people going outside around where I live, which is most likely explained by people socially distancing themselves from others. In my opinion, the whole situation with the coronavirus is a bit troubling, especially as a senior in high school.

Sergio Romero

As a result of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, life in my community has drastically changed. I have gone to about four grocery stores, and every time I walked in it was a disaster. There were empty aisles and long lines with full carts. So far, I have been unable to get my necessities from any of the stores I’ve gone to. For example, my mom tried buying meat today at a little corner store, but even this small store was out of almost everything. The Jim’s burgers right next to it, however, was packed with people, probably due to the fact that it is difficult to find food in the stores right now. I have also seen fewer people outside, as people are starting to isolate themselves. Seeing people stock up on items and buying more than they possibly need makes me worried, for the people who are at most risk of getting the disease, such as the elderly, will be unable to get a hand on these necessities. For example, I have seen that there is no formula or baby wipes in some stores, which will greatly affect many parents and their babies. In my entire life, I have not seen so many people panic as I have seen these last couple of weeks. The closure of the two largest school systems, LAUSD and New York, as well as the cancellation of major events and professional sports leagues, shows how significant of an event this is.

Danielle Villarreal

Due to the coronavirus, life in Huntington Park has been weird. Every time i leave my house and go to the store, there is a big crowd hoarding the water and the toilet paper. As the days pass, more people are panic buying, leaving grocery stores without water and toilet paper. One of my friends who was shopping for water and toilet paper said someone was fighting her for water. I think that all this panic buying is pointless. Mayor Garcetti issued that everything except grocery stores shall be closed. Now I can’t even go to the gym as everything is closed, even parks.

Jose Rosales Mesta