Find Sometime To Do Something

Self Growth and Mental Health Improvement

As of February 16, 2022 there have been 136,441 suicide deaths this year alone.

Studies at the National Center for Health Statistic show that suicides have become the second-leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States with about 10 to 15 thousand teenagers and young adults commiting suicide every year. The pandemic had a huge impact on students’ mental health. Loneliness, self isolation, anxiety, loss, and financial issues create problems students at Bell High face. Finding new interest in books, sports, music, and self care are key components in improving mental health.

Not everyone with a smile on their face, or seems to be living the dream, truly won the ticket to the golden life. 

“My cousin committed suicide last May,”  a Junior at Bell High said. “It shocked my whole family. We were all extremely devastated. I couldn’t help but see his life flash through my eyes. It was then that every memory I had of him made me realize that he had the biggest smile and always treated those he loved with so much love.”

Students who feel isolated often feel that they have no other choice but to go through what they are dealing with alone.  “No matter how alone you may feel, just know that you are never alone,” Junior Martha Valladares said.

 “I know many people who struggle with mental health,” Junior Andrea Cisneros said. “I try to help them through it when I can.” 

Asking for help often scares people because they feel perceived as needy. 

“The school helps if you ask for help, but most people are afraid to ask the school for help so they can’t really get the help that they need,” Junior Desiree Mayorquin said.

 Many Bell High students, like Junior Lily Mendoza and Junior Teresa Alcala, shared that they felt stressed during the recent lockdown. COVID caused many families to have financial issues, and with the FAFSA deadline coming up on March 2nd, it is important that students take this opportunity as some students are eligible for more than $12,500 a year. 

According to personal growth not only helps an individual, but may also affect families, friends and even communities, such as schools in positive ways. This new year is a great opportunity to make good and healthy lifestyle changes. Many students feel at peace when they spend time with people they love. 

“I want to spend more time with the people who care about me,” said Junior Lily Mendoza.“Sports are great because I get to spend time with people who have similar interests like me”. Spending time with those who make you feel good about yourself increases the sense of belonging and purpose.  

“I take time to myself and do things that I like to make me forget what is going on around me,”Junior Desiree Mayorquin said.

According to Dr. Kristen Neff self compassion is something most people struggle with. Self compassionate people recognize when they are at their lowest and treat themselves with kindness. This is known to reduce anxiety and related depression issues. In times of stress and anger, treat oneself like one would treat a friend,  it will make a difference. “It is important to always try new things, don’t let yourself hold back for minor inconveniences,” Junior Lily Mendoza said “There is always time to find something new to do.”