360i Suite: The newest system to get kids to class on time


Matthew Ramirez and Leilany Villa

Bell High began using a program called 360i Suite to track student tardiness. 

Some students see the value of the 360 i Suite. They understand the need for getting to class on time. “It helps students stay on track,” an 11th grade Alpha student said. But most students interviewed expressed negative views towards the 360 i Suite. They doubted the usefulness of the app. Most students saw the program as a waste of time and waste of class, often calling it “pointless.”

“It seems to be helping staff more than students,” 12th-grader Brian Ochoa said.  

Students who are late to school will get a phone call or a voice mail automatically sent to their parents or guardian.

“By integrating this into the school system, it gives the student a choice to either come to school on time or face the consequences of being late,” said Ms. Nauls, Assistant Principal in charge of Attendance. “Then that is where the student gets to see the results of getting their Starbucks, eating breakfast with friends, or just getting to school whenever they want.”  If a parent challenges a tardy, they need to set up a meeting with administration and come to the school.

Students with five tardies will have to serve detention.   Students who are in a sport, may face having their sport/6th period a being taken away.

 Many students interviewed who have received a tardy slip said that the system is pointless since it is making students much more late to class because “there are lines with more than 20-plus students lined up outside of school in the morning almost everyday.”  Student Bryan Ochoa said that he himself has been tardy to school before and witnessed the lines of students being held up for almost the whole of first period taking place. 

Assistant Principal Jose Guiterrez posted on Schoology that starting March 27, 2023 they’ll be adding onto class tardy sweeps. As of March 27th, 2nd period will be added, and 3rd period will be added  April 10th. By May 1st, all six period will have tardy sweeps with tardy slips being issued.  These tardies will also count toward serving detention.