Prom Poster Problems

Prom Poster Problems

Kyara Linares, News Staff Writer

Conflicts between supporters of prom court candidates have led to posters being vandalized as tensions rise. 

As the prom court election approaches, candidates need to find a way to promote their campaigns. Campaign posters are a popular form of advertisement and have become a tradition at Bell.  Last week many prom court posters were being torn down. Some assumed it was done with ill intent.

As this happened tensions started to rise, and accusations were made about who was responsible.  Supporters of the candidate who had their posters torn down started to rip down other posters to fight back. The situation escalated to the point where administrators had to intervene. 

“It’s not nice,” PSA Coordinator Ms. Franco said. According to Franco, when she was told about the situation, she told the candidate to tell their supporters to stop or else they would not be part of the prom court.  According to an unnamed source, parents were upset and complained to the school about some students bing treated unfairly.

Prom court candidates decided to put the kerfuffle to an end by agreeing to tell their supporters to stop the vandalism.  As for the instigators of the situation, many reported seeing two students being the first rip down posters.  These two students were not even affiliated with any candidates to begin with. Reportedly they had been doing it for a laugh.

“When students take the effort to create posters everyone should respect them,” Principal Barragan said.