Slow Walkers Are From Hell


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As a high school student it is almost inevitable to encounter slow walkers in the hallways, and if you’ve never had that problem it’s because you’re a slow walker. Let’s face it, everybody in the hallways is tired and sleep deprived  so a slow pace is understandable, but it doesn’t make it any less irritating.

“I hate them,” says Yesenia Perez, a freshman who goes through the struggle on a daily basis.  She goes on to explain how even if you ask slow walkers to move politely they still get offended and don’t seem to grasp the fact that people have places to be.

Not only are slow walkers extremely annoying but they can cause problems with attendance for themselves and other students. Kenia Vargas is a slow walker herself and has been late to class multiple times due to her slow pace. Being considered a slow walker doesn’t really bother her but it does bother the people around her. Denise Lopez, a friend of Kenia’s, says, “If you have slow friends, you have to wait for them and you don’t have time so it gets annoying.”

One thing we have to remember though, is that not all slow walkers are aware that they are moving at a glacial pace that annoys everyone. Even slow walkers hate slow walkers. Kenia Vargas doesn’t consider herself a slow walker, even though she is, but she is still annoyed by other slow walkers in the halls. “Slow walkers are aggravating, sometimes that makes me late to class and causes me a tardy,” she says.

Slow walkers are irritating enough, but what’s worse is when a group of them decide to walk in a horizontal line, blocking off the hallway, not letting anyone through. That’s when you really want to just start screaming your head off until you turn as red as a tomato. But you don’t, instead you just tell yourself that high school isn’t forever.

Some people walk slow for a reason. Most of the time it’s because of distractions. Occasionally while walking in the halls a ball can fly over your head. People may not necessarily be having a game in the six minutes that are given to get to class but yet there’s a soccer ball rolling past you. Honestly, it’s understandable to want to interact with friends when you see them whether it be to play with a ball or just have a conversation. Downside is that for some reason when people talk they tend to walk slower or stop to throw/kick a ball. Another reason why people may be walking slow is because they’re on their phones,this is probably something we’re all guilty of including the “fast” walkers.

Regardless, slow walking  is annoying. If you’re going to walk slow,  at least move to the side to not cause more traffic than there already is. Better yet, just walk faster.  It benefits everyone.

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