Drastic Plastic

Recycling at Bell High and why it's important

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Drastic Plastic

Natalia Flores, Opinion Staff Writer

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Students and staff at Bell High create an a lot of waste that  ultimately ends up in landfills. Bell has a recycling program run by Mr. Creamer, the wood shop teacher. He has bins in every classroom that students and teachers can put their recyclables in. Every week his students go to classrooms and collect these bins. It would be more efficient for students and staff to have a can specifically just for recyclables next to every other trash can throughout campus. This would give students no excuse for not recycling.

Mr. Creamer has accomplished a lot through his recycling program. He also gets donations of wooden crates and creates the garden boxes seen around the school.  He is not only helping the earth by impacting landfills less but he is also donating the proceeds that he gets from recycling to the ADA (American Diabetes Association).

Creamer’s efforts are great but students use more recyclables during lunch and are not willing to wait until they get to their next period to dispose of the trash.

Students regularly drink out of recyclable products like plastic bottles, but most of these students don’t actually recycle. Using these products and not properly disposing of them adds to the problem of growing landfills and ocean pollution. Landfills emit harmful gases like greenhouse gases and produce 20% of global methane emissions, contributing to global warming. Ocean pollution is unacceptable, because of the harmful effect human trash has on the ocean and marine life. Because of pollution many plastic bags were found in the stomachs of whales and many coral reefs are dying and losing the organisms that keep them alive.

It is important to recycle because it helps reduce the growth of pollution, gives us more uses out of recyclable materials which fights the problem of over consumption, and creates jobs. Over consumption can be reduced if we recycle clothing and learn self control.

An updated recycling program can teach students to continue recycling as much as they can so they can take the habit into their futures, helping them to stay environmentally proactive.

In addition to recycling bins next to each trash can, we should also place cans for recycling outside of school grounds, on the sidewalks around the school to encourage a cleaner, more environmentally friendly campus. This would also help keep broken glass bottles and plastic bottles off the streets around school. Recycling is very important and should have a little more funding from the school. “That said, though, we are doing a really good job here,” Mr. Creamer said.


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