A World Turned Upside Down

With summer waiting right around the corner, fear and uncertainty for the future do so as well. Just as students are beginning to take another step towards their life, riots and protests roam the U.S. along with the already well known COVID-19 pandemic. As the masses appear to be divided among their opinions towards the state of the country, the students and the youth in general who are the sole future for it prepare to handle the dreadful pressure of the reality that is now. – Sergio Romero

Emily Herrera

I used to wonder what it would be like to live through exceptional circumstances, like how I read about in the history books or how I saw on the big screen. As someone who has adored history documentaries and films since I could remember as the days go by, the current state of our nation is starting to seem like one.  It came as no surprise to me that when the country needed a leader most, he vanished, returning only to cause more destruction and division between the American people. The most aggravating part of all this is that systematic racism, oppression, and the abuse of power are absolutely not new. People have been fighting for equality for centuries.  We have lost leaders and peacemakers at the hands of white supremacists. I grew up with family friends as cops, which made my stance on police brutality even more unsettling. As a wise person once told me,’’There are no good cops, there are only a few good people who unfortunately became cops.’’ My one solace throughout this entire experience is this generation is making a monumental effort to defund, dismantle, and depower the people whose sole job it is to serve and protect us but have failed horrifically.

Ashley Vargas

It’s been a crazy year since the start. Since COVID19 everything drastically changed. It is crazy to see how walking out of the house with a mask on and being in the streets with one is normal now. Before, when someone would be walking out with a mask I would automatically think they were sick, but now everyone wears one to prevent themselves from getting sick. This just makes my mind go “Wow, is this going to be life from now on?”  In fact, it sucks how as a senior I didn’t get to experience any of my senior events, especially graduation. The graduation ceremony is a special event because it shows all the hard work we did in all 12 years of school. Crossing over that stage would have made me feel an emotion of relief and happiness because I would have  finally completed a chapter in my life, and be ready to move onto the next.

Another thing that makes me just go “Wow!” is how people still believe that being racist is fine. Like how closed minded do you have to be to even think that? It’s just so sad how killings even murders of colored people have been happening for so long and there is still no change because police feel so entitled to abuse their power and don’t act right during situations with a colored person.

Krystal Gonzalez

Growing up in a world that seems to have gone mad is heartbreaking and scary. Since George Floyd’s death the whole world has been rioting and many people have gotten hurt because of this. It makes me worry about my dad. I always wish my dad the best and to return home safely. I wish he didn’t have to work, but he has to. He has to provide for his family. For us. So that we can have a home, food and clothes. The world is no longer “safe” to go outside or do anything freely. The world in my eyes has always been very disappointing except for those few moments that I have enjoyed that were very peaceful, calming and fun. Those moments that made me forget about the world. That made me live that moment. The reason I say the world has always been disappointing is that I know that there will never be world peace. Human trafficking, The Deep Web, and much more will never end. No one will stop them because they “can’t” do anything about it. When will this be over? Will we have a future to begin with? Will there be a change when this chaos is over with? Will we be able to return back to our “Normal” lives? These are the kind of questions that I ask myself. Since Trump and the Police won’t listen to the people they have resorted to hurting people. Why must our skin color matter? Why is it so important? If all lives mattered then why don’t black lives apply? Why won’t people listen to others so that the world can become a better place?