More Vegan Options!

Better nutrition can improve mental and physical health

Alex Luna, Opinion Staff Writer

Becoming vegan benefits many people’s lives physically and mentally by changing what they eat. 

Looking at things on a global scale, schools from California to Germany to Brazil have taken steps to go vegan or vegetarian,” reports Vegan Food & Living. ¨Between the combination of essential nutrients, higher energy levels, and improved mental health, it’s no secret that students’ brains function better on a vegan diet.¨ 

Bell High should improve the lunch food by offering choices including more vegan options.  

  ¨I don’t like the food options because they don’t have a lot of vegan or non meat foods so I can’t really eat anything because everything has meat,¨ Senior Mareyln Chavez said.  

But Bell High Cafeteria Manager Mr. Dartanion Cathirell states, “The food here is vegan friendly. We have vegan grilled cheese, vegan burritos and vegan chili.¨  According to Cathirell,  although Bell High has Vegan food options, students rarely eat it. 


More research should be shared with students about  how a vegan diet can contribute to student health and overall performance in school. Bell High should also teach students in their classes about the advantages of a vegan diet.

If Health, Science and P.E Teachers, as well as coaches taught more about the benefits of a vegan diet there would be more demand for vegan options. 

Bell High could increase the vegan diet of students in order for them to have better mental health and physical health and to perform better academically in school.