Take the Lesson or Take the Consequences

A Drug and Alcohol course could save a student’s life.


Alexa Suastegui, Opinion Staff Writer

A Bell High student, female, lies motionless on the floor of the Girl’s PE restroom.  

Other people gather around.  Someone runs for help.  Staff rushes into the restroom.

Someone radios the main office.  There is an emergency.

Paramedics arrive.

A large crowd of students gathers around. Many of them record/take pictures.

The paramedics take off.  Students then hop on social media and upload the videos and pictures of the ambulance and police.

Many students were curious about what really happened. “Did she Overdose? Did she pass out?” students asked. 

Many teenagers don’t think the use of drugs and alcohol will affect them in the future. They tend to be experimental and do not look at the possible side effects. Bell High should offer a drug and alcohol course for students. This course can show students the consequences of using drugs and alcohol and can help students think twice before trying them. 

“A drug and alcohol course would definitely work for students,” former Impact Advisor Ms. Pickard said. Impact helped students facing challenges with drugs, teen pregnancy and other issues. “They will get to know more about drugs and alcohol, and the course can prevent students from using them. This school definitely needs this course because a lot of students are heavy on drugs and alcohol. But I don’t think the school will offer this course because of a lock of funding and support.”

If Bell High offered a Drug and Alcohol course, it could be life changing for students because they will learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and it can help students make safer decisions. Offering this course shows that the administrators care about their students.

“Bell High is going to be offering a Drug & Alcohol course for parents, we just don’t know exactly when,” an Assistant Principal said. 

Such a course could be amazing for parents so they can learn more about drugs and alcohol. But drug and alcohol problems mainly affect the students, especially those who have already tried drugs and alcohol.

“Parents can only take care of their kids at home, they don’t know what their kids are doing when they go out, so the course should be offered for students as well,” Ms. Valera, the office technician said.