Let There Be Green!


Rasalind Perales, Opinion Staff Writer

Many Bell High students today spend most of their time indoors.  After school, they might just spend their whole afternoon and evening at home, enclosed from the outside world for the rest of the day. 

Not many of us are aware about how important the earth is to us. It is our home and we have to give back every once in a while. Gardening classes might just help with that. 

LAUSD is already partnered up with Green School Yards, an organization that helps educate students on Nature. The district might be able to provide schools like Bell,  educators who specialize in gardening or landscaping. 

Bell should include a gardening class that gets students hands-on action with nature. It could allow for students to get out of the classroom and get their hands dirty.  Students can make the magic of growing a plant happen without having to watch a time lapsed video of a growing plant

Crates that could be used for gardens can be found near the A buildings out far in the field and are in perfect condition. They can be used for such gardening classes. 

Educating students about growing their own plants can go a long way toward helping the earth and can be an essential skill they can learn. 

Gardening goes hand in hand  with hands-on learning. Students get the opportunity to try something different. It can create new interests for students. 

Bell should have students go on field trips that expose them to nature. For example, agencies such as Harbor Breeze Cruises offer school field trips. Students get to go on a cruise and watch ocean animals in their natural habitat. 

 It is important to keep in mind that we are a part of nature. We connect with nature, which is something we fail to see sometimes.