Beat the Tardy Bell!


Graphic by Karine Lopez

Alexa Suastegui, Opinion Staff Writer


It is after 8:30 am, and many students were walking into school, several with Starbucks.  They did not care about arriving late because there were no consequences.

Once Bell High created the new Tardy Policy, a lot of things changed…


A Bell High student walks into class without a tardy slip, thinking the teacher will not say anything about it.   The teacher asks the student if he has a tardy slip. “I didn’t get one,” says the student.  The teacher then asks the student to leave the class and get a tardy slip, but the student refuses to leave.

Two minutes later the teacher calls the restorative justice office and mentions that the student refuses to leave the classroom.  The student then gets up and leaves the classroom before an administrator comes. But… 

Students need to ask themselves… Do I want to be chased by staff to get me to go to class on time, or should I just be mature and do what I’m supposed to do?

There are almost 400 Bell High students that have to attend detention because they have 5+ tardies. If Bell High students want the school to get rid of the tardy policy, then they need to start getting to school and going to classes on time. 

“The tardy policy will help prepare Bell High students for their future, for example a job. If you arrive late to your job, there can be consequences,” one Assistant Principal said.

Therefore, the Tardy policy is a great policy. 

It seems like it was created for that small bunch of students who are ditching class or who are late to class every day. In fact, it seems like the tardy policy was really created for the teachers that allow students to enter class several minutes late without any consequence. Now these teachers must remind students that they cannot enter the classroom without a tardy slip after the bell rings.

Many students find it “dumb” that the tardy policy exists, and many say that the tardy policy made things worse.  

But without the tardy policy, students will continue to arrive at school and class late with no consequences. This might even prevent seniors from graduating. Later on in students’ futures, these bad habits can affect them in their career, if they never learn to