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Denise Osorio may be the fastest girl on the Girls Swim Team, but her friends know her as a great person who overcomes struggles.

Denise Osorio may be the fastest girl on the Girls Swim Team, but her friends know her as a great person who overcomes struggles.

Christopher De Leon, Sports Staff Writer

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Every athlete has their own story. They have their own experiences. They all have their own struggles, but all athletes have something in common. That is the fire in their heart that drives them to succeed in their respective sport.

Denise Osorio is on the Bell Swim Team. Those who know her love her competitive spirit, sense of humor, and value of friendship. Denise is considered to be the fastest girl on the swim team, which is a great accomplishment. However, just like us, she has dealt with her own adversities. She has learned to overcome these problems.

“At first I didn’t think that I would be on the swim team,” Denise says. “But one day I was looking at some pictures and saw that my brother had so many medals from being on the swim team and I wanted to experience that, too. So I guess you can say that he was my inspiration.”

Her relationship with her brother has also left an impact in her life. Due to family issues, her brother isn’t around as often as she would like.


Even when she has problems at home, the swim team is there to pick her up. “I feel like if I have problems with my first family I can just go to my second family and they’ll make me feel better. They know how I feel and I appreciate how they cheer me up.”

Outside of the pool, Denise is a lively person who everyone enjoys. Fellow classmate and friend Abraham Castillo says, “She’s a great friend and I enjoy her presence.” Liliana Barcenas, a close friend, says, “She is a great person and one of a kind.”

Every athlete is more than a number, a jersey, or a school. They are individuals with different stories.  

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3 Responses to “2 Fast, 2 Fantastic”

  1. Esau Ordaz on June 22nd, 2017 12:30 pm

    Great story. To become the best at something is a great accomplishment. But the real challenge doesnt end there. Many people are gonna try to take your title and its your job not to be left behind. Keep it up.

    Esau Ordaz
    Grade:12 Track:A
    For Hours

  2. Juan Jose hernandez on June 22nd, 2017 12:33 pm

    In my opinion once you join a team at bell high school you get to learn about other people experiences and challenges they need to go true and there familly propblems but now after joining a team you get new friends and people that you could trust and help you from your challenges and keeping your head up from trouble and keeping your grades up.
    Juan Jose Hernandez
    Track:A Grade:12

  3. Jesus valles on June 23rd, 2017 9:00 am

    If you really want to achieve something you really like , then you can , its a mindset that only a few people possess , Denise is one of them the way she drew inspiration from her brother and set her mind to accomplishing her goal , like her friends said she’s very passionate and a good person in and out the pool , people like Denise are the kind of people that make the world better , her accomplishment wasn’t easy she went through some struggles with her family but her team bring her second family helped her get through her difficult times and helped her keep her head up and that’s what sports is all about.
    Jesus Valles
    Track B , Grade 12
    For hours

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