Soccer Strikes Back

Despite challenges, the girls soccer team perseveres.


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The girls soccer team has officially ended their season and looking back at it, they played great.  Even through rough times, the Varsity and JV teams managed to maintain great sportsmanship and communication. Conflicts like the strike, which set the season back a whole week, and the threat of grade cuts threatened the team. Still, they persevered through it and came out as winners.

“At the beginning of the year, I saw so much potential,” Henry Santiago, Athletic Director said. “They put in a lot of practice running everyday and working out.”

Although many players faced getting grade cut, most of the team improved their grades for the upcoming season in 2019. Out of 39 girls on the team, five girls were grade cut and only for part of the season. Others were able to raise their grades in time.  

When entering the new season, the JV and Varsity team were not able to play due to the strike. Two weeks after the strike, the girls had their first game on January 21st. The hard part was that they had their games back to back; they would only rest one day and the next day be back on the field. “It was very hard,” Santiago said . “They were out for almost two weeks.”

“The team was either playing three days straight or two days and one Saturday,” Laura Amaya, a junior in JV says. “Entering season is whatevers.  Soccer has its moments. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not”

The team had their struggles, such as getting home so late there was no time to  do their homework. Their distractions were either getting a ride home or walking home very late causing parents to get upset .The team would end practice at 6:00 and by the time the girls got home it would often be  8:00 pm. They would be exhausted, fall asleep and not finish their homework. Since season is now over, the girls soccer team have been working on their education and have been practicing every other day.

The Girls Varsity Soccer Team: Kenia Molina, Honesty Ortiz, Angelica Murguia, Claudia Grajeda, Kennya Ramos, Alma Gonzalez, Carolina Banuelos, Laura Amaya, Kimberly De Los Santos, Ashley Vargas, Stephanie Moreno, Valeriee Gonzalez, Luzbeth Montoya.  Kneeling: Kimberly Izarraras, Shantal Garcia, Jeylin Galca, Ashley Hernandez.  Not pictured: Samantha Navarro,  Ingrid Ocampo, Paola Pena, Jasmine Sanchez

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