The Value of a Coach


Valerie Sandoval, Sports Staff Writer

A good coach will strengthen the bond between a team and will encourage them to do better in their sport and education.

When students enter a sport they are expected to put in time and effort. Most student-athletes have a whole semester to practice and get ready before the season begins but they need someone that will lead them through those months of practice, and for that, they all depend on a coach.

“I love how supportive they are, they help us improve every single day, ”Junior Jazmine Munos said. “It takes a lot out of someone’s time to make another great at something.”

When a team does not have a coach they can fall apart and start to get lazy. For example, the softball team was falling apart because there was no coach. Athletes began to not dress and some did not practice.

“I believe our coaches are really working hard to help and motivate us into trying our best,” Freshman Jocelyn Lomeli said.

Coaches only do what they think their athletes can achieve and as they keep pushing them to try new things and practice hard every day they become better players.

“I show them what should be done and work with them until I get a result, and once they feel confident we work from there,” Softball Coach Greg Roosinisalda said. “This is a learning team. I don’t expect star players,”

A good coach teaches an athlete to become responsible, not only on the field but they are taught to become better for themselves

“They push you to over achieve,” Junior Darron Herrera said. “They support and make us better players not only in school but outside.”