Construction on Hold

“I have bad news. The pool won’t be ready until the end of the year,¨ coach Timi Pickard announced.

Mariana Martinez, Sports Staff Writer

Schools have been open since  August 2021 and students at Bell have returned to their sports except for the swim team.

Swimmers are upset that they cannot use the pool because the pool’s heater is still not fixed. Several other things need to be repaired at the pool facility as well.  The ceiling tiles need to be replaced and the pool also needs to be retiled. The heater is just the most recent reason the team cannot swim this year.

The season started on May 2nd.

¨We can’t even get any practice in. How are we going to compete?¨ swimmer Bryanna Estrella asked.

¨Other schools are getting new things.   Garfield got a new football field and Roosevelt got new P.E. facilities, yet we can’t get a pool? That’s dumb,¨ swimmer Emily Diaz said.  

 Ms. Pickard has been asking Principal Barragan about the pool since August. The Interim Superintendent Megan R. Reilly sent Pickard information about the progress of the pool.  Assistant Principal Jose Gutierrez has been updating her about the need for the heater to be replaced. Guitierrez said that the construction would be pushed back due to the heater and funds. “It was a little bit of both, right? Waiting for the heater and funding as well, but I’ve heard there’s some money right now in the district where they are able to pay for those big projects like for the pool.”  

The showers were new when swimmers came back from their break in August and are better because the old ones were black and filled with mold.  Swimmers have not gotten the chance to use the new showers due to the problems going on with the pool.

 Students have sent emails and complaints to Principal  Barragan in hopes that there would be a response and that progress could be made in repairing the pool.  Swimmers ran and did physical workouts to get ready for the competitions and now have morning practice at 6:30 at Maywood Academy’s pool.  They await further news about Bell’s pool.