“Our hunger. Our fire.”

A new trophy is added to Bell’s collection


Mariana Martinez

Congratulations go to the Lady Eagles for winning 1st Place at their CIF league competition

Mariana Martinez, Sports Staff Writer

A big golden trophy can be seen in the main office. The trophy belongs to the cheer team which won first place at their CIF competition on March 19.

Cheer has won a lot of trophies so far. “There’s an entire room full of cheer trophies,” Assistant Principal Nauls said, but this golden trophy means the most to this year’s team. 

“It means so much to us because at the beginning of the year we were like nothing,” Team Captain Monica Cisneros said.  

“We were bad. But it kind of just shows our progress and how dedicated we are to our sport, just getting better and how we want to win. Our hunger. Our fire,” Captain Jocelynn Medina added.

“Workouts are very sweaty and tiring since it consists of picking people up and doing the routine over and over,” Jocelynn said.

Cheerleaders can be seen on the field working on their routines. They make sure that every member is in a perfect position and ready for anything. They need a lot of strength to throw people up in a pyramid with the strongest at the bottom to carry the weight,

“I feel like we all work just as hard since we all have the same goal, but if you wanted to say me and Jocelynn would be the hardest workers since we lead them and try to push them to do better,” Monica said.

“It’s just practice honestly,” Jocelynn said. “As long as everyone is doing their job in the group and team then it will look nice.”