Eagle Pride Never Dies

Good sportsmanship and attitude guide Girl’s Basketball through a rocky season


Deserae Valdivia, Sports Staff Writer

In spite of being very motivated to beat their rival, the girl’s basketball  team lost against Huntington Park High on Friday, February 3rd by a score of 33 to 38.

But all-star MacKayla Flores has faith in her team to beat HP next season.“In my heart I still won,” the senior said. 

Coach Vega is not waiting until next year to improve the team.  After a two week break, she began conditioning to get the team in shape for next year.   Coach Vega encourages her students to run a lot, to build speed and to develop quick reflexes.

MacKayla Flores captains the team.  Ever since her father and aunt played  basketball at Bell, MacKayla felt encouraged and inspired to play basketball.  She looks up to Lisa Leslie because she made girl basketball make sense, and Laker legend Kobi Bryan.

In spite of an upsetting season win/loss record of 5-17, the lady Eagles show good sportsmanship and good attitude on the court. They also showed Eagle pride by showing interest in other Bell teams and cheering them on at their games and meets.