Baseball Rises to the Challenge


With inspiration and determination, the Bell High Baseball Team proved themselves to their coaches and alumni mentors this year. 

According to Assistant JV Coach Jessie Beccera, the current team has support from last year’s senior players.  “They still come around and still hold an influence,” Becerra said. “Last year’s seniors set a high standard.”  Becerra is proud that four of last year’s seniors now play college ball.

Beccera mentions that the team has good support from five coaches. The varsity and junior varsity team practices together. “Each player holds the same amount of respect for each coach,” Beccera adds.

The team not only receives support and inspiration from alumni and their coaches but also from each other. “The entire team inspires me,” mentions Junior Angel Arambula.

“Alejandro Rosas inspires me because he has a lot of passion and makes me want to win,” senior Michel Rico said. ”He influences me to want to get better every game.”

“We started the season strong,” Varsity player Angel Arambula said. “Hardest part was finding everyone’s roles.”

Angel knew when the team was counting on him.  “Legacy was the best game because I stepped up in a moment where the team needed me the most against a very talented pitcher.”

Angel advices next years baseball players, “If you don’t have determination you shouldn’t be on the team.”

The varsity team ended a great season on a play off game against Chatsworth 0-1. Ending the season with a overall record of 12-13-1.