For Melanie Sosa, It Has Always Been Softball

Melanie Duarte Sosa with bestie Nicole Aros during Senior Night celebration

Melanie Duarte Sosa with bestie Nicole Aros during Senior Night celebration

A love of baseball runs in Melanie Duarte Sosa’s family.  Not only did her dad play baseball, and encourage her when she was young, but her sister and even her grandfather played as well.  

Melanie rolls into home plate during Senior night

“My dad put me in baseball when I was young and coached me as well,” Melanie said.

Now Melanie plays softball for Bell High.  But not only does she play softball, but she’s still a baseball fan as well, and the Dodgers are her favorite sports team. 

Melanie plays second base and outfield as well, and she has played softball all four years at Bell. 

Melanie feels that softball is a good way to create friendships, because the energy the team brings together is a love for the same sport and the players.

Their last game at Roosevelt was bittersweet and left her feeling very emotional, not just because it was the last game, but also because everyone on the team would be going off to different colleges.

According to Magnet Coordinator Mr. Apodaca, Melanie’s hard work earned her an acceptance into UCLA. He also mentioned that she was a “great student’’ who “seems well-rounded” and always “has a great smile on her face.” 

From left to right: Nicole Aros, Melanie Sosa, Tayshia Garcia and Sabrina Aros

Melanie has also had  a positive effect on others. Teachers loved her in their classes, “When she’s not there, she’s missed,” Science teacher  Mr. Moreno said.